Shelly Weber-Tompkins

Shelly Weber-Tompkins is a Licensed acupuncturist, and certified Functional Medicine practitioner, who specializes in women’s health, gynecological, and pregnancy issues, as well as infertility. As women are waiting later to start their families, there has been a growing rate of issues with fertility. 1 in 8 couples are struggling with infertility. Getting to the heart of the issue and coming up with the appropriate treatment and therapy for that couple is the “key.” Other conditions that she has treated successfully have been problems that could occur with pregnancy, such as: morning sickness, sciatic pain, heart burn, anxiety, night sweats, high blood pressure, edema and threatened miscarriage.

For best results, she’s found knowing: the blood/hormone testing, pelvic/fallopian tube evaluations, as well as past medication/hormone use to be very helpful in coming up with the best treatment plan. Shelly has had the opportunity to work with many well-known fertility specialists in Southern California to provide stress-reduction to patients, as well as enhance their IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in-vitro fertilization) results.

She’s had the reward of helping many couples achieve their dreams of having a family. Shelly graduated in 1987 from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has taught and clinically supervised there since 1995. She currently teaches courses in both OB/GYN disorders as well as one on Male and female Infertility.
She has received her certification in functional medicine through Functional Medicine University, after studying many years with Apex Energetic’s training. Functional medical diagnostics help a practitioner know which test will be most revealing of: nutritional deficiencies or if sensitivities are present, how well the body is regulating reproductive hormones, and whether there is hormonal dominance or deficiency, and much more. Knowing the best tests to perform, to get to the heart of the issue(s), can help her develop the most effective treatment plan, so patient’s can become pregnant more quickly! Having the correct assessment and treatment plan also assures a better chance of a smooth pregnancy and delivery.
Using only pre-sterilized needles, her treatments can be a combination of: Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese herbal medicine, Heating therapies, Micro-current, Nutritional, and lifestyle counseling. The goal is to increase the level of health and stamina, reduce the effects of stress on their body, as well as help circulation to the reproductive system.
Her Mission Statement: “To listen to each patient’s concerns, and needs, so that the best care can be provided. Also, to educate them on their own self-care and show them the kindness and compassion that every patient deserves.”
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