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Are your hormones out of whack? Learn some great ways to help balance them!

“How do I know if my hormones are out of whack?” you ask. Most women know there’s a problem, because they have premenstrual symptoms, such as: breast tenderness, moodiness, bloating, abdominal cramping, headaches, and more. Some might think that these things are normal for all menstruating women prior to menses, but that isn’t the case. […]

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Why do I feel bad, with normal lab ranges?

You’re not feeling your “normal self.”  You feel tired, maybe even depressed, symptoms are popping up that you’ve never experienced before. You know there’s something wrong. You have numerous blood tests done, which come back “normal”, and then your doctor says, “There’s nothing wrong with you”. What??? That can’t be right. This has undoubtedly happened […]

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Gluten sensitivity, is it making you sick?

I’d learned about Celiac Disease (Sprue), Crohn’s disease, and Irritable bowel syndrome in college, while training to be a practitioner of oriental medicine. I knew that some dietary restrictions were deemed necessary in keeping the digestion “normalized”, but I wasn’t aware of gluten being such a major player! I also learned that with Oriental Medicine, […]

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