Services and Fees

Shelly A. Krahn, L.Ac

New Patient fee (including initial appointment-packages are prepaid)
New Patient appointment: $135
Series of 3 appointments (including initial visit): $275 (savings $30)
Return Patient fee (packages are prepaid)
Returning appointment: $85
Series of 3 appointments: $240 (savings $15)
Series of 6 appointments: $450 (savings $60)
College Student fee w/current ID

Initial visit: $85 Return visit: $65
*Insurance-Please check to see if your insurance covers acupuncture, the number of allowed visits, and deductible, before your visit. Or, call ahead and we can check this for you. There are some companies that I’m a network provider for, and some that I’m not, and you’ll want to know this before your appointment, if you wish to use your insurance for acupuncture.

  • If you have Anthem Blue Cross or BCBS, I’m not a provider for this insurance, so payment would be made at the time of your visit. I can however give you a form to send in for reimbursement.
Why purchase a package?
With many conditions needing several visits to balance the body, hormones, and reproductive system, as well as modify and make the most positive change. Buying a series of 3 to 6 sessions will enable you to receive treatment and guidance at a great discount.

Description of Services

Patient appointment:

Detailed history of current condition and body systems, abdominal, pulse, and tongue evaluation for diagnosis in Chinese medicine. Then the following therapies will be utilized: acupuncture, moxa, or heat therapy (if indicated), Tuina massage, Chinese herbal and supplemental recommendations (based on diagnosis), as well as dietary and lifestyle modifications.

*Patient’s are asked to bring any blood or hormone tested lab results to the first visit, as well as information of other medical findings, such as: Ultrasound, laparoscopic exam, pelvic exam, or x-ray, that has been done within the last 2-3 years.

If a comprehensive blood panel, or hormone level testing, is needed, it can be ordered through this office, if you’re not already working with a doctor. These labs would be in addition to the above costs if ordered through our office, but any test and prices will be discussed ahead of time with you.
Comprehensive blood Chemistry panel and Analysis-$240 (an $823 value) If more specific tests are needed, then this price would change.

This panel includes: 61 bio-markers (which includes extras such as: homocysteine, magnesium, Ferritin, iron saturation, Hemoglobin A1C, and Vitamin D) as well as 13 items of a urinalysis. These results will be assessed and analyzed using Functional blood range levels. Your medical history and metabolic assessment will also be analyzed. At the conclusion of your visit, you will know what areas need the most work, what you will have to watch out for in the future (preventative information), and whether more specific blood labs will be needed for better assessment. You will have a plan for wellness that will include diet and lifestyle suggestions. If you are already working with an acupuncturist, ND, or medical doctor, you’ll be able to supply them with a thorough assessment of your blood work up.

Food and other allergy testing is also available, prices vary depending on test.

Please call to make your appointment 844-460-9008

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