Fertility is dependent on both male and female health factors. There are many things that can impact circulation and hormones of the reproductive organs. Much is dependent on our lifestyle, diet, sleep, and how we respond to stress.

The acupuncture points used, have internal branches that connect to organ systems, glands and tissues. When there are blockages in the “Qi” (or energy movement and vitality that helps normal flow), it can effect our bodies ability to function well. Over time, these blockages can cause poor circulation, poor ovulation, and implantation issues and more.

Oriental Medicine looks at your body as a whole. It takes all of your signs and symptoms into account, while assessing your past and current histories.

Some patient’s seeking help, may have minimal stress, and only need a little dietary and herbal support, to help them conceive. Or maybe they need better blood flow to the reproductive organs to help ovulation or sperm irregularities, and conception occurs. Another person may have had many illness, fatigue, high stress factors, which could cause more difficulty in conception.The need to build up her system before her body would be ready for pregnancy might take more time. There are many more examples, some involving genetics, some seemingly very unfair in the scheme of things.

The wonderful thing about this medicine, is for most conditions that inhibit fertility, there is treatment, and it is healthy, stress reducing, and life enhancing and well as enabling the possibility of conception.

Your initial visit will consist of: a thorough assessment (with medical history, and possibly blood and hormone panels), Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics (Tongue, pulse and abdominal diagnostics.) Treatments may include any of the following: Acupuncture, tui-na (to help open flow in important areas that help energy flow), essential oils, cupping, gua-sha, dietary and herbal/supplemental recommendations.
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