Nutritional Counseling

Some patients are more in need of help in the area of diet and herbal recommendations. They may not be able to receive acupuncture treatments, due to being out of the San Diego area, which is why I offer office, phone, or Skype consultations, to go over a patient’s case and will recommend dietary, herbal, and supplemental advice, to my patients.
If you’ve already had blood labs done and can send me the information (via email attachment), this can also aid me in your recommendations. (I’m able to refer you to lab testing as well, but your insurance will not cover the charges in that case.) I will then view them from a Functional Medicine standpoint, where the lab ranges differ from what you see on your lab test. The Functional Medicine ranges are able to tell which health issues can be averted, if you start a preventative approach now. Often times, dietary changes can be the critical factor in bringing about the tremendous switch in your overall health, clarity, and vitality!
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