Pregnancy & Postpartum

After the birth of your child is a great time to come back in for a tune up. In Traditional Asian Medicine, the time period referred to as the 4th trimester, is where your body goes through many changes. One is making sure that the uterus reverts back to its’ normal size and makes sure that it is cleared of any potential remnants of post-delivery. It’s also a time when there is a shift of energetics towards the breast, where milk production is taking place, so lactation can provide nourishment for your baby. The very act of gestation itself also requires a lot from the mother, not to mention the delivery process itself, so this is a time where new mom’s require care, but so often don’t feel they have the time, or family support to do so.
Getting treatment at this time and herbal medicine can be critical in providing the nourishment that your body needs to be able to clear the uterus and help it revert to normal, to benefit lactation, as well as help the mom recover faster. That is why I’m offering the “mommy pampering treatments” on Friday afternoons. It gives new moms a chance to get a nourishing treatment (at a special rate) once a week, and she can bring her baby too (up to 6 months old) so a baby sitter won’t be an issue.
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