Supporting Birth

As the delivery date approaches for a “mommy to be”, treatment can be very helpful in getting the body ready for delivery. I like to encourage my pregnant patient’s, who are not in need of consistent care during their gestation, to come back in around week 34, to strengthen and ready the body and baby for delivery. When I say the baby, I’m referring to the positioning. Usually around the 34th week of gestation, the baby should have made the turn to “cephalic” or more simply put, the baby’s head is down. Breech positions are not uncommon at this time, and acupuncture and moxa (a specific type of heating therapy) can be very helpful in turning the baby.
Acupuncture can also help with relaxing the muscles to allow for the baby to get into better position, as well as encourage the cervix to soften as the due date gets closer. I also find that mom’s getting close to Labor and delivery are often pretty tired, and acupuncture treatment, and certain herbs, can be safe and effective for helping “shore up” the mom, so she’s better able to go into labor more effectively.
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