Vaginal (Yoni) Steaming

Intimate, restorative self-care that starts at the root.

We’re here to support women in all phases of their reproductive life. In addition to our holistic Chinese medicine services, we offer one amazingly restorative, gentle therapy that helps women achieve pregnancy, relieve pain, and restore their vaginal health: Yoni Steaming.

What is Vaginal or Yoni Steaming?

Yoni steaming, also called vaginal or pelvic steaming, is a natural and gentle way to help encourage pelvic healing for women. Yoni steams are gentle, restorative steam baths for the vaginal canal. The process is simple. During a yoni steam, you will relax over a bowl of steaming herbal-infused tea and rest while the medicinal steam encourages healthy circulation, warmth, and rejuvenation in the entire pelvic region.

What are the Benefits of Yoni Steaming?

Yoni steams are deeply therapeutic and beneficial for many women. These are the most common benefits we see in our yoni steam results:
  • Enhances Fertility - In Chinese medicine, fertility is often hindered by stagnation or coldness in the reproductive organs. Yoni steaming charges the entire pelvic region with warmth and circulation and sets a beautiful foundation for fertility.
  • Relieves Pelvic Pain - Dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramping, and pelvic pain are the side effect of poor pelvic circulation. Using a yoni steam, we can bring healthy circulation and pain-relief directly to our reproductive organs.
  • Corrects Vaginal Imbalances - Women suffering from imbalances like candida, bacterial vaginosis, hormone imbalances, or dryness can find relief and support with specialized vaginal steams.
  • Heals Vaginal Tissue - Postpartum or post menopause, the vaginal tissue often needs extra care. Vaginal steaming is a natural way to directly nourish and stimulate intimate healing.
  • Soothes Deep Emotional States - Even in those with healthy reproductive systems, yoni steams can encourage emotional healing or be enjoyed as a simple self-care ritual.

What’s in a Yoni Steam?

Our yoni steam herbal blends are made with only the very best naturally sourced American Indian and Chinese herbs. During the steaming process, the therapeutic volatile oils in these herbs are released to heal and balance the pelvic tissue.

Our Five Yoni Steam Herbal Blends:

We use five specialty herbal blends to address the unique needs of women at different stages in their reproductive health.
  • Fertility Blend: Our fertility herbal blend focuses on creating the prime environment for a healthy pregnancy to take root. The herbs in this blend enhance circulation, invigorate the womb with warmth, and provide rest and relaxation.
  • Postpartum Blend: For new mothers, vaginal healing can be a difficult journey. Yoni steams help to repair tissue, rebalance the vagina, relieve pain, and encourage deep physical and emotional healing for mom.
  • Pelvic or Menstrual Pain Blend: Our herbal pain blend uses pain-relieving herbal medicinals, as well as nourishing herbs to ease discomfort and heal the root of the pain.
  • Postmenopausal Blend: The postmenopausal blend is made with herbs that not only enhance circulation but nourish and moisturize the vaginal canal.
  • Rebalancing Blend: This herbal blend is particularly suited for those who need help rebalancing their vaginal environments, such as women with a history of candida or bacterial vaginosis.

Is Yoni Steaming for You?

Are you ready to embrace reproductive self-care? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you harness the herbal healing power of yoni steaming.

Let's start the journey to the new and improved you!